Overhead Door Solutions was founded in 2017. I started this company with 1 goal in mind. To provide exceptional service, with the highest industry standard services and materials, all at an affordable price! I have honed in on the current market, using previos market years analysis. I have come up with a proprietary pricing strategy that insures our customers recieve the best possible options and pricing. Guaranteed!!

When Overhead Door Solutions was founded, garage door repair companies were rampant in the Houston and surrounding areas. With many of them unchecked, they would over-charge, provide insufficient repairs to say the least. Since then, numerous consumer agencies, search engines have put in place checks and balances to prevent these unscrupulous actors from taking advantage of unsuspecting customers.. Having the right company, with the right expertise helps insure you get job done right, at an affordable price! That's why Overhead Door Solutions has been so successful. We go the extra mile to gurantee your complete satisfaction!!